Thai Girls and Thai Dating

If you’ve ever dated Thai girls before, you’ll know what I mean when I call it a roller coaster ride! There are a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, and some times you feel as though you’re hanging at the top waiting for the inevitable plummet. However, for most people, at the end of the ride you feel like you want to get right back on again. Luckily for us, there are plenty of chances to experience this through Thai online dating sites.

Thai Girls

One of the best parts of the Bangkok nightlife is the fact that the Bangkok nightlife is filled with never-ending possibilities and many Thai women. Some of the best and most crazy stories of my life have come after 10:00 PM, and most of them people would simply consider to be unbelievable. I once had a date set up with a girl from Bangkok, and she showed up with 3 of her friends (all expecting a free meal)! I thought about this, went to the bathroom, and made my escape before anything was ordered. Another time a girl showed up with her parents… now THAT was surprising. Considering how conservative the average Thai girl is, bringing her parents to a date is very serious. They are expecting marriage.

I don’t even consider Bangkok to be a crazy place. If you have ever checked out the Pattaya nightlife, you’ll know what I mean. Pattaya makes Bangkok look like a bunny rabbit falling asleep in the corner. If anyone ever invites you to one of those ping pong shows, don’t go! I went to one and it’s one of those things that you wish you could “un-watch.” That being said, the best way to meet nice Bangkok women is through Asian dating websites. There are certain ways to compose yourself when online, and here are a few pointers:

Since Bangkok has some of the best food in the world, amazing world class clubs, and some relaxed and reasonable priced Bangkok pool bars, it’s well-known for giving most people an option that they would enjoy. Many people believe that Bangkok is a cheap place to live, but that is only if you want to live a more Thai lifestyle. I make about $25,000 a year after taxes. Western food and alcohol are comparable with prices in many towns across the USA, especially if you want to dine out on Sukhumvit or Silom Roads. Some of my favorite restaurants are located on Sukhumvit soi 11. Drinks start around $4.00 each, and a burger with fries is around $10.00. However, a plate of pad Thai is only about $1.00 if eaten at a street-side restaurant. I personally live on about $2,000 a month, but my mortgage has been paid off, and I tend to buy more western things that most people. I have friends that live on almost half of what I earn, and they pay rent!

Be different: There are literally thousands of others out there doing the same thing that you are doing, so try spicing up your profile with something unique about yourself. I like to mention that I play cello.
Be Polite: Don’t forget your manners when you’re messaging with Thai girls. If you ever feel as though you’re moving into rude territory, close the browser and come back at a later time.
Focus on her: People usually find themselves to be an interesting topic, so try and ask questions about her life. Does she enjoy the Bangkok nightlife? Does she prefer to stay at home?
Keep it tame: Very few girls will immediately admit that they like the Bangkok nightlife, but that doesn’t mean you should talk about the naughty side of it all. Stick with movies and food, at least in the beginning.
Bangkok Nightlife

Go online and search some of the Asian online dating sites. They won’t be as crazy at the Pattaya nightlife for sure, and you’ll be able to search through profiles that are of interest to you. Don’t forget the rules that I posted above, and you’ll have a much better time chatting with Thai girls

How You Can Use SMS Technology in Dating and Courtship

What is SMS? It stands for Short Message Service. Wikipedia defines it as “a form of text message communication on phones and mobile phones.”

One thing that can benefit your dating and relationships is the advancement of technology. The mobile phone and Internet revolution allows people to communicate when they are separated – even if it is at opposite ends of the planet. These technologies can make them feel closer even though miles apart.

You can also send funny e-greetings on her e-mail service, but use this technique with discretion and avoid pestering her or distracting her when she may be working.

You can impress your significant other with your wit using your mobile phone by sending her funny SMS, love SMS, good morning SMS, goodnight SMS, wise words and anything that establishes a friendly tone. Love quotes and love SMS are some of the most popular e-greetings sent over the Internet.

One of these things is sending naughty SMS to the one you are currently courting. This can send out negative signals, and instead of making her laugh, it can cause her to believe that you are only interested in her physical attractions-in short, that you’re only interested in getting her into bed. It might also be embarrassing for her if someone glimpses your naughty message to her.

There are some things to keep in mind in some things you should avoid when using these technologies, especially in the early dating stages of your relationship.

Reserve your naughty SMS for when you’re in the established stages of your relationship, and only if she has indicated that she likes such things.

One way to make a good impression is by sending her messages that make her feel important. Ask her how she’s doing, wish her a great day and let her know you’re looking forward to your next date. The modern day equivalent of whispering sweet nothings in her ear can sometimes be the way to her heart.

SMS can even help if you are still looking for your one and only. Some online dating sites will regularly scout their lists of members to find qualified matches for you that fit the criteria you set, If you have upgraded to the full-service. When such a site finds a match, it will update you by SMS or e-mail.

It is easy to over do SMS text messages, so be sure not to overdo it. Used with discretion, however, it can be a great flirting technique.

How to Find a Suitable Date Online

Online dating is an issue that is supposed to be addressed with tactics, since it is a special kind of relationship that exists between people from different background or countries who become acquainted over the internet.

The second point to bear in mind is that you need to find a partner that will share the same interest and hobbies with you. Relationship between two people that share the same interest tends to be more interesting and successful, when you relate with somebody that share the same interest in things you are also interested in you sure have found a Soul mate for yourself.

The first thing to do when looking for a suitable date online is to find a good suitable online dating site that is populated by people you will likely be interested in. For example a site like be naughty contains girls who are naughty, lively and sometimes wild and sexy, if these characters match what you are looking for; their site might be just what you need.

Another point worthy of note is that your online partner must be somebody who is also really interested in the relationship, there is no point in forcing or imposing yourself on somebody, dating and relationship should not be one sided, love should be reciprocal. It is useless trying to impress somebody who does not share the same feelings about your relationship.

You must also be able to clearly identify what type of relationship the other person wanted, is it just friendship, adult dating, serious relationship or just a fling. The type of relationship he/she wanted will determine how you two will relate and communicate. All these points however started with picking a good dating site where you can meet your type of man or woman.

Online Asian Dating Tips

Meeting a date online is a great way to overcome the challenge of a busy work schedule or being new to an area. The benefit of online dating sites can truly be seen when you are looking for a mate with a very specific nationality. Whether you are of Asian descent or simply have a preference towards Asians, an online Asian dating site is usually the best place to start your search for love.

Decide On Exactly What You Are Looking For
The world of online Asian dating offers several possibilities based on what your ultimate goals are. Some sites are designed for local singles to slowly get to know one another and build up relationship. Another type allows singles to chat online and arrange a “naughty” meet up. Whatever your intentions are, make sure that you join a dating site that caters to your desire, and then clearly spell out your intentions on your profile. There is no need to waste your time with people that have different dating objectives.

Make Sure Your Potential Date Is ‘Legit’
There’s no need to be completely paranoid, but it’s a reality that there are some people out there that prey on the lonely. You simply need to be careful about divulging too much personal information. I usually do a quick Google search on anyone that I am interested in meeting. While this may seem a bit intrusive, you would be surprised by the information that it has provided me. One Google search helped me to avoid meeting with a known con artist, who has been arrested for `Grand Larceny’ on numerous occasions. People often lie on dating sites, and sometimes the lies are harmless. Either way, you should do your best to protect yourself from these types of people.

Make Sure The Site Is ‘Legit’
Once you’ve determined the type of site that suits you, you can pick a specific Asian dating site. There are many niche dating sites that cater to Asian dating, but you should be sure to only sign up for the legitimate ones. If the website looks like it was put up in an afternoon, I would suggest avoiding it. There are some dubious website owners that create dating sites for the sole purpose of stealing your personal information. It’s best to stick with the more well known sites. In Asian dating, this shouldn’t be a problem, as there are several reputable sites available to you.

There Is Strength In Numbers
While this should be common sense for some, it deserves mention. You should always meet up at a very public place. Even though you may feel like you know this person well because you’ve chatted on the phone for hours, you don’t truly know who this person is. There is no reason for your date to pick you up at your house or vice versa. Agreeing to meet at a public place is safer for both parties. You should beware of anyone insisting otherwise!

Regardless of what you’re looking for and the site that you choose, you should remember to stay safe and have a good time. While many people meet the love of their life online, there are also those that don’t. When you keep things simple and look for friendship first, you will be more receptive to opportunities that come your way.

Make Your Online Dating Website Profile Shine

You’re ready to start strutting your stuff on an online dating website. But what happens if nobody notices you? Chances are the problem lies in your personals profile. Here are a few things to remember when putting together your online dating site profile.

Tag – you’re it. Get them to click into your profile with a unique and memorable tag line. Be creative and don’t just steal someone else’s. If you don’t feel like being original, just be honest and use your tag line to briefly say what you’re looking for on an online dating website. You can even use song lyrics or a favorite quote that you think sums you up best.

Get things started out right. How do you plan to stand out when your profile pops up on a member’s search? There are thousands of potential partners for that user to pick and choose through, and it works in your favor to make a memorable first impression so they actual click into your adult personals profile to learn more about you. Sometimes, a picture alone just doesn’t cut it.

All about you. This is your big chance to tell everyone on the online dating site why they should get to know you. Don’t be afraid to make it naughty, just watch that you aren’t coming off like a sex-crazed maniac (that tends to turn a lot of people off, strangely enough). Be honest, because if things do progress between you and a certain someone, they will find out the truth eventually, and that’ll mean no bump-and-grind times for you. And it doesn’t always have to be about sex – we would like to know what makes you tick, what you like to do in your free time and perhaps an amusing or sexy anecdote or two. Highlight your strengths – in and out of the bedroom – and let them know what kinds of things you’d like to do when you meet up. When it’s time to wrap it up, keep it on a positive note. Don’t complain about how your ex screwed you over, otherwise you’re never going to get any.

Say cheese. We all know that this is an online dating site, but let’s be honest here – nobody wants your peen or vaj to be the first thing they see on your profile. You are much more likely to get the responses you’re looking for with a face or body shot. If your genitals are the only pictures you put up, don’t be surprised that not many people want to strike up a conversation with your bits and pieces. Besides, your junk isn’t the prettiest part of your body. Save those shots for your public or private photo album and keep some things a mystery until you’ve initiated contact.

Choose wisely. One of the great things about an online dating profile is that we’ve made filling it out easy. You’re given a choice of options to select, regarding your lifestyle, your sexual preferences and physical appearance. It will take you about 10 minutes to fill out, and once you do, it will show other members that you are serious about meeting someone on an adult dating website who is compatible. Plus, once you’re done, it will be much more interesting to read and will give the person looking at it something to start a conversation with.

Before you post your new and improved profile, don’t forget to run it through spell check. With a little tweaking and editing, your adult personals profile should come off as witty and polished – just like you!