Make Your Online Dating Website Profile Shine

You’re ready to start strutting your stuff on an online dating website. But what happens if nobody notices you? Chances are the problem lies in your personals profile. Here are a few things to remember when putting together your online dating site profile.

Tag – you’re it. Get them to click into your profile with a unique and memorable tag line. Be creative and don’t just steal someone else’s. If you don’t feel like being original, just be honest and use your tag line to briefly say what you’re looking for on an online dating website. You can even use song lyrics or a favorite quote that you think sums you up best.

Get things started out right. How do you plan to stand out when your profile pops up on a member’s search? There are thousands of potential partners for that user to pick and choose through, and it works in your favor to make a memorable first impression so they actual click into your adult personals profile to learn more about you. Sometimes, a picture alone just doesn’t cut it.

All about you. This is your big chance to tell everyone on the online dating site why they should get to know you. Don’t be afraid to make it naughty, just watch that you aren’t coming off like a sex-crazed maniac (that tends to turn a lot of people off, strangely enough). Be honest, because if things do progress between you and a certain someone, they will find out the truth eventually, and that’ll mean no bump-and-grind times for you. And it doesn’t always have to be about sex – we would like to know what makes you tick, what you like to do in your free time and perhaps an amusing or sexy anecdote or two. Highlight your strengths – in and out of the bedroom – and let them know what kinds of things you’d like to do when you meet up. When it’s time to wrap it up, keep it on a positive note. Don’t complain about how your ex screwed you over, otherwise you’re never going to get any.

Say cheese. We all know that this is an online dating site, but let’s be honest here – nobody wants your peen or vaj to be the first thing they see on your profile. You are much more likely to get the responses you’re looking for with a face or body shot. If your genitals are the only pictures you put up, don’t be surprised that not many people want to strike up a conversation with your bits and pieces. Besides, your junk isn’t the prettiest part of your body. Save those shots for your public or private photo album and keep some things a mystery until you’ve initiated contact.

Choose wisely. One of the great things about an online dating profile is that we’ve made filling it out easy. You’re given a choice of options to select, regarding your lifestyle, your sexual preferences and physical appearance. It will take you about 10 minutes to fill out, and once you do, it will show other members that you are serious about meeting someone on an adult dating website who is compatible. Plus, once you’re done, it will be much more interesting to read and will give the person looking at it something to start a conversation with.

Before you post your new and improved profile, don’t forget to run it through spell check. With a little tweaking and editing, your adult personals profile should come off as witty and polished – just like you!

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