How You Can Use SMS Technology in Dating and Courtship

What is SMS? It stands for Short Message Service. Wikipedia defines it as “a form of text message communication on phones and mobile phones.”

One thing that can benefit your dating and relationships is the advancement of technology. The mobile phone and Internet revolution allows people to communicate when they are separated – even if it is at opposite ends of the planet. These technologies can make them feel closer even though miles apart.

You can also send funny e-greetings on her e-mail service, but use this technique with discretion and avoid pestering her or distracting her when she may be working.

You can impress your significant other with your wit using your mobile phone by sending her funny SMS, love SMS, good morning SMS, goodnight SMS, wise words and anything that establishes a friendly tone. Love quotes and love SMS are some of the most popular e-greetings sent over the Internet.

One of these things is sending naughty SMS to the one you are currently courting. This can send out negative signals, and instead of making her laugh, it can cause her to believe that you are only interested in her physical attractions-in short, that you’re only interested in getting her into bed. It might also be embarrassing for her if someone glimpses your naughty message to her.

There are some things to keep in mind in some things you should avoid when using these technologies, especially in the early dating stages of your relationship.

Reserve your naughty SMS for when you’re in the established stages of your relationship, and only if she has indicated that she likes such things.

One way to make a good impression is by sending her messages that make her feel important. Ask her how she’s doing, wish her a great day and let her know you’re looking forward to your next date. The modern day equivalent of whispering sweet nothings in her ear can sometimes be the way to her heart.

SMS can even help if you are still looking for your one and only. Some online dating sites will regularly scout their lists of members to find qualified matches for you that fit the criteria you set, If you have upgraded to the full-service. When such a site finds a match, it will update you by SMS or e-mail.

It is easy to over do SMS text messages, so be sure not to overdo it. Used with discretion, however, it can be a great flirting technique.

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